Art by Virginia Erdie
Paris, London, Amsterdam, Miami,
Chicago, Baltimore, Edinburgh,
Naples, Bristol, Los Angeles, San
Francisco, New Port Richey,
All artwork created by Virginia Erdie,
registered with the US Copyright Office
Registration #VAu 965-314 &
Registration #VAu-1-139-811
"Magic Chair", "Vanity Throne".  Entirely unique and as
conceptualized by the artist.  A very sturdy, functional, fine art
chair also constructed by the artist and by Michael Harris, fine art
"Mythic Chair".  This functional fine art
throne is fashioned by the artist to create a
mythical look, using the dragon and the sea
horse as inspirational design.  The claws on
the arm rests are hand-sculpted by the
artist, and the stability of the chair is due to
the talents of sculptor, Michael D. Harris.
"Princess Throne".  Crafted from an existing chair, the artist uses mirrors and toys to enhance the effect of the resin
finish.  Decorative butterflies are embedded in the seat of the chair under resin, and the back boasts girlie toys and
golden frills!
"Flower of Love".  Functional sculpture.
Mirror, wood, air dry clay, acrylic paint, resin.
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Design Table and Painting.
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