Art by Virginia Erdie VITAE
Max Newlands
Miami, Florida
"Depression". 20"x24" gallery wrap.  2016.
"Rage Behind Bars".  Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.  2016.  14"x18".
"Spark".  14"x18".  Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.  2016.
14"x18".  Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.  2016.
"Chip Paintings".  8"x8".  Recycled, dried paint chips on canvas.
Max Newlands participates in "Shut Up and Draw" event at ICA, honoring artist Susan Te Kahuringi King, who stopped speaking by age 6,
and communicates only through her art to this day (Susan in last photo, sitting on bench, in white shirt with cane).
Max Newlands admiring Ida Applebroog's collection of her work done
while a patient at Mercy Hospital, at ICA Miami.